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Real Solutions for Our Schools

As your state Representative, I will work for common sense reforms that empower parents, and give teachers and school administrators the tools they need to give our children the education they deserve.

Sean eberhart understands that our children are the future, and he knows that they deserve the very best education possible. Sean is committed to making real reforms and delivering real results for our children:

Reforming ISTEP - is a valuable tool for measuring student achievement and providing teachers with the diagnostics they need to give our children the individual attention they deserve. Sean is committed to making ISTEP more efficient and more efficient and more effective by moving it to the Spring.

Streaming Education Spending - Today, only 61 cents of every education dollar actually makes it into Hoosier classrooms. The national average is 65 cents. A four-cent increase represents an additional $300 million which could be directed to the classroom, with no tax increase. We could use these funds to hire more teacher, to help reduce class sizes and improve education for our children.

Ensuring Teacher Excellence - Teachers who voluntarily take a standard competency test in their core subject area every five years should be awarded a merit pay bonus, and a list of those teachers who take the standard competency test should be made public so parents will know which teachers are committed to continuous improvements.

On Tuesday, November 7th
Elect Sean Eberhart For State Representative.