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Issues That Matter...Sean Will Deliver!

In the race for State Representative, only one candidate has a platform to deliver property tax relief, and that's Sean Eberhart.

Property Tax Reform

Property tax rates are approaching a record high here in Indiana. The big spenders up in the State House have put an unfair burden on our hard-working families and for too many of us; high property taxes are slowly putting the American Dream of home ownership out of reach.

But, the good new is that Sean Eberhart is running for State Representative to change all that. He will stand up to the career politicians and say, "Enough is enough." Sean will hit the ground running and start working immediately to change the system from the inside out. As President of Shelby County Council, Sean has already delivered on his promise to relieve the property tax burden. Sean will fight to pass permanent property tax relief in the State House, and will always put the concerns of our families first.

On Tuesday, November 7th
Elect Sean Eberhart For State Representative.