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Sean has many priorities in which he would like to improve upon once he is elected.

Property Tax Reform
One of my top priorities would be to reduce property taxes. Property taxes are levied and collected by local (not state) government. I will seek to freeze the amount we pay in property tax and find alternatives to allow local government to take care of important funding concerns more equitably. We need to continue to seek significant, immediate relief for property taxpayers while also pursuing long-term changes to make our tax system more fair.

Government Reform
I will work to eliminate wasteful government spending and advocate for more effective, efficient, and open state government. I support giving local units of government the ability to restructure and organize in a manner which brings greater efficiency to the taxpayer. I will work to allow local leaders to reorganize to fit the needs of their communities while reducing property taxes. As I have during my service on the Shelby County Council, I will use a common sense approach when evaluating how to best use our tax dollars. I support giving flexibility to local government to find new revenue sources to replace property taxes and reshape themselves for greater efficiency. Local governments in Indiana rely on property taxes to cover the cost of their spending 15 percent more than the national average. I will work to reduce the property tax burden and eliminate wasteful government spending to help put our state in better fiscal shape.


I know first-hand that agriculture is very important to Indiana. Nearly the entire family of my wife, Rebecca (Harker), is involved with swine, cattle, dairy, or crop farming within the district. Farming families work hard and I understand that a farmer’s job is not nine-to-five. Indiana’s farmers are an important part of our economy and I am excited about the state’s renewed focus on agriculture. I will aggressively promote the growth and investment in our agriculture community and seek to expand the opportunities afforded to our farmers.

I will work to encourage investment in our local economy and bring new, high paying jobs to our state and district. A combination of both local and state efforts must be used to continue to spur economic development in Indiana. We need to give more flexibility to local units of government on how funds are spent to allow for sound economic growth and job creation. At the state level, we need to continue to simplify the tax system for businesses, expand incentives to attract new jobs to our state, and provide additional opportunities for small business. New jobs and a healthy economy help keep property taxes low and provide new opportunities for the people in the district.

Child Welfare / Government Reform
As a member of the Shelby County Council, I have seen the costs of our child welfare services increase over the last few years, dramatically impacting our property taxes. The funds are used for neglected and abused children and are a necessary service. But the state mandates the cost of the services to be paid by our local governments and allows no local oversight or control. I will first work to freeze the county property tax levies and ask the state to assume any cost increases. I will then seek to have the costs of the services removed from our property taxes over the next five years which would reduce local property taxes estimated at $300M per year.

Protecting Children
As a father of three children, I will support legislation that helps protect our children and keep our communities safe. I support tightening the restrictions of convicted child predators through the use of GPS monitoring and lifetime parole. I also support initiatives that would create a single state-wide sex-offender registry and initiatives to create a state child support disbursement unit to improve collections of money owed to single parents. I will strongly support added provisions to the laws of our state to provide safer communities for our families and children.

Senior Citizens
As a member of the Shelby County Senior Services Advisory Board, I know the importance of protecting the interests of our senior citizens. I will support initiatives to improve their health care coverage and to reduce the amount of property tax that they must pay. Many of our seniors live on a fixed income and cannot afford to have high and fluctuating property tax assessments year after year. I will work to stabilize the amount of property taxes paid by seniors and see that their tax dollars are spent wisely. All senior citizens need to have basic necessities available to them and I work to ensure that these necessities are provided, including affordable health care and prescription coverage.