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Sean's Plan to Solve Indiana's Illegal Immigration Problem

Sean believes we've waited long enough on the politicians in Washington to come up with a solution to Indiana's illegal immigration problem. That's why he has put together a comprehensive plan to put a stop to illegal immigration right here in Indiana.

Sean's Four Point Plan To Stop Illegal Immigration

Block Illegal Aliens From Accessing State Services - illegal men are putting an enormous burden on public schools and health care, and that's coming at a high price for Indiana's taxpayers. Sean will prevent illegal immigrants from taking advantage of state services.

Sanction employers Who Purposely Hire Undocumented Laborers - Sean advocated expanding Indiana's trespassing laws to make it a crime for illegal immigrants to be within our state's borders

Require Proof of Citizenship to Obtain Driver's License - Sean supports legislation that requires proof of citizenship for anyone wishing to obtain a driver's license or state identification card.

On Tuesday, November 7th
Elect Sean Eberhart For State Representative.