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Growing a Better Indiana

We have a strong agricultural heritage here in the heartland of America. My wife, Rebecca and I come from families deeply rooted in farming and agribusiness. I believe it's our responsibility to make sure agriculture is promoted and protected for our future. At the State House, I will fight to protect family farms for generations to come.
Sean Eberhart

Sean's Four Seeds for Growing a Better Indiana

Property Tax Relief - High property taxes put a strain on every Indiana family, but farming families are especially hard hit. Sean Eberhart believes we must reform our state's property tax system to relieve the unfair burden placed on Hoosier farmers.

Eminent Domain Reform - Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that using eminent domain to give property from one private owner to another was permissible. Like so many farmers across Indiana, Sean believes this was a terrible mistake. In the State House, he will fight for new legislation that protects our private property rights.

Bio-Fuel Initiatives Sean Eberhart believes we have the opportunity to be the nation's bio-fuel leader. From research to development to production, Sean will work to give Indiana's farmers the right incentives for bringing innovative products to the international marketplace.

Agricultural Land PreservationEveryday more of Indiana's farmland gets lost to development and urban sprawl is spreading at an uncontrollable rate. To combat this unrestricted growth, Sean Eberhart supports incentives that encourage the protection of agricultural land.

On Tuesday, November 7th
Elect Sean Eberhart For State Representative.